Astral (owned by DDD Ltd) is a beauty brand that in the ever-changing world of skincare has stayed true to its original formula. Astral moisturizer has been tried and tested for more than sixty years. Astral is a one pot wonder – it can be used on your face, your body and even as a makeup remover.

Astral recently updated their Original Face & Body Moisturizer range, implementing a new design onto 50ml, 200ml and 500ml jars supplied by RPC Manuplastics ( The iconic Astral blue color was retained, ensuring that the products are as recognizable as ever on the retail shelf.

“Since 1953, the same Astral formula has been used by all kinds of women for all kinds of things. We wanted to tell our story through our packaging. Manuplastics and M&H have helped us to deliver a new pot that reflects our original pack design whilst modernizing the brand for the future,” says Sian Rimmer, Astral brand manager.

RPC Manuplastics and M&H Plastics are part of the RPC Group of companies.