As a first in its industry, Nosco, a full-service supplier of printed packaging, has launched a new brand named Sonder ( Sonder is a conglomerate of three companies that have come together to offer personalization/customization programs in order to help brands build, launch and promote hyper-customized products and packaging systems for their customers. Deemed “The world’s first personalized packaging supergroup,” Sonder is a brain trust of experts from three companies – Nosco, Akavit and LCP Complete – formed to create the best turn-key product personalization offerings on the market.

Sonder refers to the phenomenon that occurs when you see a stranger walking down the street and realize that person is living a life "as vivid and complex" as your own. Everyone has an unique story to tell, and this aptly named new brand gives companies a chance to tell theirs.

Individualization in consumer products carries more weight than ever because today’s consumers crave the ability to personalize products that enrich their lives. According to Mintel, there’s a parallel path between brands striving to engage consumers on a more personal level and consumers’ expectations for packaging to deliver that experience. With 1 in 5 US Millennials seeking custom or personalized packagingi, there is an opportunity for companies to connect with this growing consumer force and gain insights about shopper preferences, in real-time, by offering customization/personalization options.

"Nosco is excited to be the first company to truly provide an end-to-end personalization solution through Sonder. Sonder’s solution connects your brand with your customers in new ways through our various personalization programs,” says Craig Curran, VP of sales and marketing for Nosco. “The combination of printed packaging, e-commerce solutions, and order fulfillment expertise enables Sonder to provide personalized programs to companies that want to drive sales and increase ROI.”

Sonder’s mission is to empower brands to offer the ultimate version of their products to customers by getting personal with packaging and products. This product strategy offers companies three main benefits: profit, evangelism and customer loyalty. In addition, Sonder clients have an easier way to develop customized products and packaging instead of having to source multiple suppliers. Sonder provides three services in one company – and one purchasing order – giving clients a comprehensive, hassle-free solution. Sonder clients also have access to some of the best talent and technology in the world for creating customized products, including visual designers, strategic creatives, and digitally-printed packaging and fulfillment experts leveraging industry-leading HP Indigo digital printing technology.

“After working on several personalized packaging projects, we recognized the need for online customization and order fulfillment services. As a means to provide a full-scale custom packaging solution, we partnered with Akavit, a digital marketing agency that specializes in web-based mass customization, and LCP Complete, an agile and experienced fulfillment provider that effectively tracks and ships orders of any size,” said Mindy Wherley, brand strategy manager for Nosco. “Their experience in this space is unmatched and we are thankful to partner with them to serve our customers.”

“By joining forces with Nosco and LCP Complete, both leaders in the mass customization and product personalization space, Akavit adds the extensive online customization experience needed to make Sonder a complete solution,” says Rob Davis, CEO of Akavit. “Together we can provide the best possible end-to-end personalization offerings to some of the best brands in the world.”

“Our credo at LCP Complete continues to be; every job is custom, and every customer is unique! This serves our clients well and fits perfectly into the Sonder model of creativity, customization and delivery. We develop and execute customized fulfillment and delivery solutions that fit our customer’s needs.  We are excited to be the part of Sonder that ensures the highest quality finishing and distribution of your products,” states Mark Hammel, mailing/fulfillment manager for LCP Complete.