Ice Breakers is launching new limited-edition puck packaging that includes eight new “Encourage-mints” that epitomize confidence, with expressions including “Grab Life By The Horn,” “Be You-Nicorn” and “Never Say Neigh” to remind consumers of their potential.

Ice Breakers knows that social validation drives millennials and is the ultimate boost of confidence. When consumers share a picture of one of the new “Encourage-mint” pucks, tag a friend and use #GiveAPuck, they will potentially receive a surprise social boost from a social influencer.

Through the social sharing of the “Encourage-mints” with #GiveAPuck, Ice Breakers transforms confidence into action and encourages friends to motivate their friends to break through. The heart of the overall Ice Breakers “Break Through” campaign is to remind consumers of their potential, empowering them to turn their confidence into breakthrough moments when they are challenged.

The millennial obsession with unicorns is inescapable, as the craze evokes nostalgia and is a signifier of happy, sparkly and confident. These signifiers, particularly confidence, is what the Ice Breakers brand and its new limited-edition packaging + creative social campaign embody.