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With unboxing videos becoming a serious marketing channel, packaging is garnering renewed attention. Catering for the on-the-shelf appearance is no longer enough, as packaging now functions to communicate with consumers across digital channels, specifically video content.

The demands on packaging have changed – now the packaging design and materials used need to shine in online video reviews, where the outer and inner packaging gets a lot of attention.

And this creates an incredible opportunity for contract packers, who are uniquely positioned to offer advice and guidance on how a client can get the most out of their packaging.

What is unboxing?

Unboxing is the phenomenon of video bloggers receiving packages and opening them live on camera. Vloggers will film themselves “unboxing” the product and often do a short review of the product.

Staple features of unboxing videos include:

  • 360 views of the product before it is opened
  • Commentary on the packaging and any inserts or extra packaging materials
  • Review of the product

The purpose of an unboxing video is not only to review the product, but also to give consumers a sense of what they will experience when they unwrap their product. These videos are incredibly popular and make a difference to profits.

The Important Statistics

  • 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an unboxing video
  • 1 in 5 consumers have watched unboxing or review videos
  • 4 in 10 customers are likely to share an image of a delivery on social media if it comes in unique packaging
  • 52% of consumers are likely to make a repeat purchase from an online seller if it is delivered in premium packaging

Packaging, and how packaging is received online makes a genuine difference to bottom lines. And this is why contract packers need to pay attention to these emerging trends. If you can demonstrate that your advice and problem-solving has created packaging that has delivered genuine ROI, then you set yourself apart.

What can you advise on?

Points to remember:

  • Amateur video equipment is used to film the packaging
    • The packaging has to stand up under the worst lighting and technology. Colour palettes should be chosen carefully.
  • The little extras and small surprises make all the difference
    • Packaging inserts are gold when it comes to unboxing. Decorative inner packaging helps too.
  • Vloggers love showing every angle of the box
    • Unlike on the shelf, the sides and bottom of the shelf will get airtime. These surfaces can be exploited.

Inner packaging options

The inner packaging will be seen on camera and it’s often an opportunity to add some surprise or show attention to detail. Even some basic wood wool can make a difference. Unboxers are well known for commenting on and appreciating any small extras added into the packaging too. Personalized notes, inserts or cards go down well.

Ensuring a cost-effective solution

Ultimately as a contract packer you can offer advice that matches a client’s ambition to their budget. Contract packagers have the expertise to offer solutions that their clients cannot think of on their own.

If your client is particularly concerned about how a product might look on camera, which more and more clients will be concerned about, a contract packer is uniquely positioned to offer guidance and advice.