Unilever has added a new range of products to the Elmlea portfolio. Originally launched in 1984, the cream alternative now features ‘Extra Creamy’ and ‘Stir In’ for the ever-busy consumer to inspire meal times.

‘Stir In’ is a velvety smooth option with intense flavor to inspire mealtimes. Launched in 3 flavors - Mushroom, 3 peppers and Garlic & Herbs. The new resealable bottle means there are no spills. The new extra creamy product is perfect for adding thickness to your favorite dishes. Each Stir In bottle has a unique serving suggestion and recipe based on the flavor to add inspiration to mealtimes as well as increase appetite appeal. Swirls have been incorporated into the design around the logo to highlight the ease of stirring this into your dishes. The ‘Simply pour into pan’ logo was also introduced to show the simplicity of this new product.

In order to communicate the key benefits of their new products, Elmlea sought the help of London based studio Slice Design (slicedesign.co.uk) to bring their pack designs to life. Slice was tasked with pack designs for an NPD additions to the Elmlea range. The brief was to clearly communicate the usage, convenience and key difference to the core portfolio.

‘Extra Creamy’ is a richer option, available in two flavors - Single and Vanilla. Perfect for cooking or topping. It was key for the design to showcase the unique richer and creamier difference versus the rest of the Elmlea range, while still ensuring brand recognition for consumers. Each flavor has its own serving suggestion through imagery and iconography on the back of pack to add inspiration to the cooking experience.

“Slice delivered innovative designs for our NPD that kept the integrity of Elmlea in the new bottle format. The quality of work was excellent and delivered within tight timescales. A great team who thoroughly understood the brief," Elmlea’s assistant brand manager, Jolanda Wells says.

The Single, Single light and Double variants from Elmlea’s core portfolio have also been launched in the new format. Elmlea’s new range appeals to foodies of all skill sets with a simple proposition that will enable them to simply stir, pour, drizzle or top their favorite food from the convenient bottle.