As companies approach year end, many department heads start to question how they will set up for success in the upcoming year. Many companies start thinking about how to proactively plan for potential challenges ranging from insufficient resources during periods of heavy work volume, how to supplement the current team’s skill sets or what additional resources could be leveraged to meet tight deadlines. By starting to consider how to best avoid these obstacles, organizations avoid missing launch dates, errors due to rushing and are able to complete projects without disruption? 

Whether you consider hiring additional employees or rallying current teams to increase workloads, one common hurdle of these approaches is sacrificing goal fulfillment. A flexible option to consider when planning for the new year would be supplement teams with contract packaging engineers.

No need to go it alone

According to the Career Builder U.S. job forecast, the use of contractors to supplement work by U.S. companies will continue to increase in the coming years and for good reason.  

Driven by a confluence of economic, demographic and talent management strategies, the use of contractors is expanding to job functions where it was not used previously. Managers requiring professional technical resources like packaging engineering are now leveraging a contract workforce as a standard tool for talent management.

As this trend continues and companies turn to staffing agencies to fulfill unique needs, they have the option of choosing a general staffing agency or a company focused on staffing for their specific industry. In high-demand specialties such as packaging engineering, general or blended staffing agencies produce a large pool of applicants with a less refined skill set. Without domain knowledge, general staffing companies are ill-equipped to assess a candidate’s capability beyond the presence of keywords in their profiles and resumes. In addition, general staffing companies are often locally based, don’t use an extended area for candidate searches, and are unprepared to invest in relocation to bring in the best talent. This often results in sub-par project results, dissatisfied clients and unmet goals.

It is critical to choose a staffing partner with a strong candidate pool. Partnering with a company that specializes in contract packaging engineers has unique benefits. Empowered with domain knowledge and a broad and vetted network of professionals, the contractors recommended to clients tend to be well aligned with the technical requirements, project needs and cultural fit of the hiring company. These contractors with well-matched technical and soft skills not only contribute to meeting the client’s goals and objectives, but also often transfer valuable knowledge.

Risk reduction

Hiring a contract packaging engineer from a specialized packaging engineering company comes with the additional benefit of risk minimization. High quality companies that specialize in providing the engineers have a number of internal programs and systems in place to lower and manage the risk of a placement not meeting expectations. These individual elements aggregate into a larger service delivery framework that enables the staffing agency to consistently deliver a quality experience for their clients.

Flexibility is another key benefit of hiring contract packaging engineers that considerably reduces risk. As budgets tend to shift during the course of a company’s commitment to a contractor, a specialized staffing company has the ability to support these unforeseen decreases or increases in staffing levels. A general staffing company cannot support a client’s changing budget needs mid-contract without adversely affecting the engineer.

All companies that have a hand in staffing will work to provide substantial results for their clients. Adept Packaging works to engineer packaging excellence for its clients, helping companies right-size their resources and deliver successful results.