Limited edition Baileys Strawberries & Cream unveils its new design by brand design agency Vault49 ( The New York agency used a design approach that married the indulgent flavor semiotics of strawberries and cream with seasonal cues of spring, bringing Baileys to the front of the shelf this season.

Vault49 created a compelling way to drum up anticipation around the change of season, setting the limited edition up to become this year’s ultimate springtime treat.

Leigh Chandler, Vault49, Partner and Creative Director, says: “The illustration is playfully scattered around the bottle, evoking falling blossom petals which subliminally signal the beginning of spring.

“The design incorporates flavorful strawberry illustrations along with other seasonal flowers to create an asymmetric and energetic illustration. Spontaneous splashes of cream and indulgent creamy fingerprints add the final touch of out of this world deliciousness.”