Original brands of natural cottage cheese Papa Cheesano and Mamma Cheesano, produced by Bryansk Dairy Plant, is introduced on the Russian market in single-serve cups. The mom and pop pair concept is from BQB branding agency (behance.net/bqbbranding).

Different characters are a part of the visual element of design as well as the taste qualities of the product: Papa is traditional cottage cheese, Mamma is aerated, the consistency of which significantly distinguishes it from traditional products in the cottage cheese category.

The product line includes three flavors for each type: Creamy, Tomato and Paprika, and With Provencal Herbs are Mamma Cheesano varieties; and Creamy, With Mushrooms, and With Italian Herbs are under the Papa variety.

Creation of the concept included naming and package design. Naming is a fusion of the word Cheese and the name of Italian commune Cisano Bergamasco, which is located in Lombardy near the southern border of the Alps, the international symbol of dairy production.

The family design concept appeared in product creation. Each package expresses a female and male nature. Additionally, the "birth" of the children's brand—Bambino Cheesano—is going to launch soon.