FINE & RAW, a craft chocolatier based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has launched its redesigned signature line, featuring colorful packaging, two new flavors and thinner bars. 

Daniel Sklaar, FINE & RAW founder, acted as art director on the redesign. The brand shifted its wrapper artwork to a natural look that reflects its chocolate creations. The compositions, which incorporate floral imagery and vivid colors, trend against the industry’s predisposition towards linear, non-organic patterns.

The decision to switch to thinner bars—now 40 percent slimmer at 4mm thick but still 2 ounces—was inspired by food science data. Sklaar researched methods to build upon the palatability of FINE & RAW’s bars and learned that by increasing their surface area, their chocolate molecules are more quickly released on the tongue. After first experimenting with thinner bars in his Brooklyn Bonnie collection, Sklaar loved the result and applied the change to every bar. 

The chocolate brand's line of more than 20 bars, confections, butters, spreads and more, have two additions: Cashew Nut Butter and 70% Cacao bars.

“Our redesign reflects not only our obsession with making the best craft chocolate in the world, but leading the industry in innovation from ingredients to presentation,” Sklaar said. “The thinner bars magically dance on the palate like no other chocolate, and our vibrant new packaging means our bars look and taste beautiful.”