Be Green Packaging ( uses a proprietary blend of renewable, natural fibers to produce custom packaging solutions, such as trays and inserts, that can be molded into a number of shapes (cylinders, curves, compartments, etc.). These are suitable for a variety of applications including personal care, cosmetics, specialty foods, health/fitness, wine/spirits and more.

“Consumer pressure for marketers to reduce the amount of plastic that enters the waste stream has never been greater. However, CPG companies, still have to be able to protect and differentiate their products in a competitive retail environment. Be Green’s molded fiber packaging meets those objectives,” said David Gray, director of business development, Be Green Packaging.

The molded fiber trays, with a “soft-to-the-touch” surface, can be made in any Pantone color to support branding goals and creative visual impact. Unlike thermoformed plastic containers and other molded fiber trays, Be Green’s proprietary engineering has resulted in a “zero draft angle” solution, which means straight, no-slant sidewalls. The molded pulp surface will also accept silk screen and laser inkjet printing, or a label.

The molded fiber packaging is compostable, recyclable and biodegradable says the company.