Kitu Life ready-to-drink super coffee is a "better for you" energy drink alternative just out with a new design by Tigre Creative ( The super coffee, made with 150 ml of caffeine with 10 g protein and 5 g of MCT oils, was created by the DeCicco brothers (Jordan, Jim and Jake) when they appeared before ABC’s Shark Tank judges this past February. While they didn’t go home with a deal, they did see a nice bump in sales and interest.

As the brothers geared up for a national launch, they called on Tigre to help. Tigre guided them in a master brand strategy, clear messaging and a visual language and design. Tigre developed a strategy for the business based on the passion of the brothers and their authentic beliefs, identified their target consumer, and created messaging to translate their beliefs internally and externally. The core message: “Change Your Energy, Change Your World,” came out of this strategy.

The brand was renamed Kitu, referencing both ‘key to life’ and a nod to the Keto-type diet and the company. Tigre turned its focus on redesigning the Super Coffee line and introduction of the new Super Creamers sub brand.

The white background stands out on a crowded and dark shelf and leverages the flavor colors of gold, silver and bronze. The wave lines were designed to communicate smooth energy and to serve as a badge or seal of approval identifying ‘better for you energy’ products. 

The modern, san serif typeface was retained, but with a more premium approach in font and spacing. A bolder “Super” contributes to the brand’s point of difference and reason to believe.

The shelf stable coffee line is made up of four 12 oz ready-to-drink coffees (maple hazelnut, vanilla bean, cream black, smooth mocha) in plastic bottles with shrink wrap. A sub brand of Super Creamers is also being introduced in three flavors: Original, Vanilla and Hazelnut in 32 oz. format. Super Creamers allow anybody to enhance their coffee, tea, or smoothie experience.