Freestone’s is the birth child of Kate Freestone, formerly the Founder of highly successful Rude Health, whose love of natural food and nostalgia of growing up in idyllic Somerset surrounded by nature’s ingredients, inspired this PR guru to enter into the organic cereal realm and launch her third cereal brand to market.

Slice Design ( was given the challenge to create a clear brand identity and packaging graphics in order to help Freestone’s stand out amongst stiff competitors and hone in on the rich authenticity of the brand.

Freestone’s launch product range consists of four products: two mueslis and two porridges with more in the pipeline for future release. With much debate on how to create differentiating names for the four products it was decided upon a unique numbering and mix system. Success! Freestone’s launches with: Muesli No.1, Birchermüesli No.2 , Porridge No.3 and Porridge No.4.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to come at the expense of great taste, which is the reason “Why compromise?” features on pack as a sub strap to highlight this very point.

We wanted to create a clear brand identity that’s rooted in the respect for the craft of the product; which is 100% organic, free of all nasties including sugar, salt and wheat, small batch and 100% home grown grains – always.  

The tagline “The Home of Homegrown” was created as a reflection of the product being at the heart of something really special, delicious and well nurtured.

A pastel-coloured pallet was chosen across variants, to stand out from competitors on shelf. Batch numbers were incorporated on the front of pack design, allowing the different mixes to be easily identified. The batch number on pack also tells the story of authenticity of the brand, and touches on the truth that all batches are hand-made.

Key areas to highlight within the design included the product being 100% certified organic, sourced within the UK, small batch and home grown grains. The Freestone’s logo takes the format of a handwritten script to tie in with the hand-crafted qualities and characteristics of the products.

“Slice Design were an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot thank the team enough. They clearly listened to what the brand meant to me, capturing the true essence of Freestone’s and then translating this clearly onto pack. At each and every stage of the design process, they communicated the ideas behind the designs produced and were happy to incorporate any additional feedback with no problems. I’m thrilled with end pack designs, Slices’ can-do attitude was unbelievably refreshing, and how the studio maintains a 'nothing is a problem' mentality is a breath of fresh air!” Kate adds, “Slice is a perfect working example of teamwork at its best!”