Chobani LLC has launched Non-Dairy Chobani, a plant-based recipe to give consumers looking for non-dairy products a tasty option packed with probiotics, less sugar than other non-dairy brands and only natural ingredients.

Chobani is rolling out nine new Non-Dairy Chobani cultured organic coconut products that will be available nationwide at grocery and retail stores. Non-Dairy Chobani are made using only natural, non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The plant-based products also naturally contain no lactose, are packed with probiotics, and are made with 25 percent less sugar1,2 than other non-dairy options.

The Non-Dairy Chobani name and packaging also represents Chobani's advocacy for transparency as it pertains to better aligning food standards of identity. 

The new line includes: 5.3-oz. single-serve cups in Blueberry, Peach, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla; and 7-oz. single-serve drinks in Mango, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla Chai.

1 Non-Dairy Chobani™ Cup: avg. 11g sugar; others: avg. 15g sugar per 5.3oz.
2 Non-Dairy Chobani™ Drink: avg. 9g sugar; other non-dairy drinks: avg. 13g sugar per 7 fl. oz.