If you grew up in the '80s, you'll be familiar with the newly released Bazooka bubble gum Throwback pack. With the return of the throwback look comes the return of the original Bazooka Joe comics, which haven’t been seen in decades.

Each pack (containing six pieces of bubble gum) is inspired by the brand’s original design and comic strips. Along with the nostalgic red and blue graphics, each piece of gum is wrapped in classic Bazooka Joe comics from the Bazooka Joe vault. Oh, and it’s original flavor—naturally.

If you're not a fan of bubble gum, well, there is the wrapper. Each wrapper features an original “Bazooka fortune” and a digital code to unlock online content, which they definitely didn’t have in 1980.  

Matt Nathanson, Bazooka brand manager, said in a press release, “We are excited to offer our consumers a trip down memory lane with Bazooka Throwback. This new product is a great tribute to the bubble gum brand that has been cherished for generations by kids of all ages.”

The throwback gum is available for purchase at various stores nationwide.