Healthy Food Brands has debuted a line of fruit snacks and gummies based on Rovio Entertainment’s global gaming phenomenonAngry Birds. Squawk!

Healthy Food Brands has debuted Angry Birds fruit snacks and gummies, based on Rovio Entertainment's global gaming phenomenon Angry Birds.
The snacks come in peg bags, individual pouches and theater boxes and feature the red, yellow and blue birds-and their arch enemy, green pig-from the mega-hit game, which recently marked the milestone of half a billion downloads. The products are available in mass market retail outlets like Walmart, 7-Eleven and Toys ‘R Us.
Released in 2009 as a casual puzzle game for smartphones, Angry Birds became a global phenomenon and is now on its way to becoming a global entertainment franchise as well, with books, t-shirts and plush toys (more than 10 million shipped) and plans for cartoon productions and an Angry Birds retail shop in Helsinki. Squawk!
Launch: October 2011