Beauty Care Mainstay Refreshes Its Look

by Jennifer Acevedo

Whether it’s for a quick, refreshing spritz on a hot, sunny day or a moisturizing treatment on winter’s coldest day, Evian Brumisateur facial spray is a favorite of the fashion forward. Just in time for the holidays, the facial spray will be hitting the shelves with a new look.
“Evian has always been an innovator in design, and the Brumisateur is no exception. The hip sophistication of the new bottle reflects the attitude of our consumers. We wanted to create something for them that is both functional and fashionable,” says Caroline Kibler, brand manager for Evian North America. “The new Evian Brumisateur is unparalleled in purity, with the water coming directly from the pristine French Alps, and is sure to help everyone feel refreshed all year long.”
This always in-vogue water spritzer (rumor has it that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker had personalized bottles on-hand at their June wedding) is usually recognized by its sleek cylindrical bottle and light pink accents. The new design features a more curvaceous body, with each size having its own distinctive shape. The tagline “moisturizes. refreshes. tones.” appears on each version. And the signature Evian pink has been upgraded to a much brighter, richer shade designed to immediately catch the eye. Chic minimalist graphics depicting the French Alps on a white background reflect the purity of the water inside, while a playfully ascending trail of bubbles alludes to the product’s promise to refresh.
For delicate skin falling prey to harsh winter weather, the Evian Brumisateur is said to provide an air of relief, with each droplet of water helping to replenish the moisture that skin may lack during this season. The Brumisateur also helps prepare the skin’s surface for make-up application or touch-ups, and also works for make-up removal.
The petite bottles come in handy on those steaming summer days, whether lounging by the pool or taking a stroll through the park. The cool mist from the Brumisateur is also ideal for those long work-out sessions and allows a spill-proof method of relief, so that you never need to take a break from the treadmill or miss a pose in Pilates class.   
The revamped Brumisateur Evian facial sprays will be available in leading department stores and drug and cosmetic retailers nationwide in three different sizes. Fourteen-ounce bottles are perfect to keep on your desk at the office or to use around the house; five ounce bottles fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and are great for taking along on a jog; and a three-pack of travel-sized 1.7-ounce bottles fit easily into any carry-on bag.
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine. Contact Jennifer at .