Casa Rex, the multi-awarded international design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, has developed the visual identity for TIGI's global Christmas campaign.

TIGI, the professional hair care brand founded by Anthony Mascolo, needed an innovative campaign for the approaching holiday season that could cut through the saturated market of Christmas promotions and engage with clients of high-end salons across the globe. To do this, Casa Rex has incorporated the Christmas spirit into the brand, but with an all-new modern twist.

Iconic hairstylist’s scissors and combs have been pieced together into patterns to form unique snowflakes, presenting a traditional Christmas icon with new contemporary flair that combines TIGI's distinctive appeal with seasonal spirit in style.

Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and the creative director of the project says, "The hairstylist snowflakes created a flexible visual system, capable of taking on different colors and patterns which were applied across a myriad of materials, from packaging to window facades, gift boxes, posters and print materials — all coming together to create an engaging ambience in its salons, and capturing the Christmas spirit with a stylish edge, fit for TIGI."

The TIGI Christmas identity was launched in November 2014 and is visible in all salons that stock the range across the world.