International brand design agency bluemarlin has created a new visual identity for Portugal and Angola’s iconic soft drink brand, Sumol. A redesign of the brand’s packaging hits shelves this April throughout all five continents.

With a loyal following and a rich history that dates back to the 1950s, Sumol is a much-loved brand in its home country, Portugal. This new visual identity comes full circle with Sumol’s ambition to reach a wider audience and keep up to date with a younger generation of consumers. Sumol took this opportunity to infuse the brand with new energy and excitement, focusing on the communication of natural fruit refreshment.

According to the agency, the revolutionary design focuses around an iconic “S” which is created by an explosive slice of fruit. This injects excitement while conveying the experience of drinking the product. The kaleidoscope illustrations of fruit highlight the product’s unique attribute of containing real fruit pieces. The logo has also been updated with edgier typography inspired by street art, which is very popular in Lisbon. The new design has been rolled out in both standard and sleek cans across the core range of fruit variants.

Miguel Garcia, Sumol comments, “Sumol is a brand with deep roots but an adventurous spirit. With this new identity, it will make a meaningful connection with the younger generation, thus helping it continue its iconic status.”

Ian Catling, executive creative director of bluemarlin states, “This was a truly braver step for Sumol. The new identity takes the brand to the next level, ready to embrace its future. Driven by the idea, Light up Life, the new look conveys optimism, embracing the moment and being ready for anything.”