International cosmetic brand AHAVA celebrates 30th anniversary with decorated plastic tubes designed with female portraits. A producer of skincare and body products made with Dead Sea minerals, AHAVA selected LAGEENTUBES using the Velox IDS 250 technology for its collection. 

AHAVA's30th anniversary collection includes six different tube designs, featuring portrait images of women, continuous decoration printed 360 degrees around the tube, and solid vivid colors, a departure from the basic background, logo and text. The campaign concept is female empowerment depicted in paintings by six local and international painters. Each image reflects the way woman are perceived in the painter's eye.

“After benchmarking other suppliers that offer different DTS digital decoration, we decided to have LAGEENTUBES produce the tubes because the Velox digital decoration technology they offered showed significantly better results, allowing AHAVA to make a unique and bold brand statement in celebration of our anniversary,” said Ifat Yoffe, CMO at AHAVA.

David Deluya, Business Unit Manager at LAGEENTUBES added, “The process we went through to meet the challenging decoration requirements of the AHAVA anniversary set demonstrated the huge benefits of digital decoration when it comes to flexibility and responsiveness. The ability to demonstrate the design iterations on actual tubes ensured a quick and synchronized process between AHAVA and LAGEENTUBES.”

The Velox technology operates at full production-line speed of up to 250 containers per minute at high quality and 15 simultaneous colors and embellishments, including photorealistic images, tactile embossing, no seam and tube-to-cap printing.