Think of the last time you traveled abroad. Of course, you visited the must-see attractions and landmarks, sampled the foreign food and maybe tried a little bit of the language. You might have also wandered into a store or two, searching for souvenirs or snacks for a day out. Beyond the obvious language barrier, the packaging design itself can feel novel and different to the design culture of your home country. 

NuPrintUK, a leading packaging provider based in the U.K., contacted 12 designers from 12 different countries, and challenged them to design a can for a new carbonated orange drink being released in their  respective country. Each designer received the same brief, except for the country name and language of the brand name, and were encouraged to simply create something which would appeal to the mass market of their homeland. 

The project revealed key differences in design based on cultural differences seen in countries across the world, to include Nigeria, U.K., United Arab Emirates, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Spain, New Zealand, Bahamas, Pakistan and Brazil. 

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