Handsome Brook Farms has introduced a new carton design now on grocery shelves nationally. The packaging nods to Handsome Brook Farms’ belief that the future of animal and land husbandry is bright, with the vibrant colors reflective of the green pastures, blue skies, and bright yellow sunshine of a new tomorrow.  

Handsome Brook Farms partnered with Redscout to articulate their brand mission and translate it into a new visual identity — culminating in a package design that doesn't overwhelm the customer with confusing claims. The result is straightforward communication, highlighting “Handsome” as an aspirational standard, and the obvious choice for customers who want the best for themselves and the planet. Their new logo treatment is inspired by the energy of sun rays and symbolizes the optimism and forward-looking spirit of Handsome Brook Farms. Customers may also notice the company name has transitioned to Handsome Brook Farms (previously Handsome Brook Farm) to better reflect all 75 family farms in their network that bring their pillars of Small Farms, Big Hearts, and Brighter Future to life each day.

“Our new design aligns our brand’s humane, sustainable, and dare we say, handsome, pillars with the core values that make up the fabric of our company,” said CEO of Handsome Brook Farms, Jordan Czeizler. “We know customers are paying more attention than ever to what they are eating and how it is getting from farm to shelf. Our new branding hedges against the green-washing and misleading labels we so often see in the category and reflects our unwavering commitment to provide a brighter future for tomorrow through organic, pasture-raised egg production.” 

In developing the new branding, the team conducted more than 3,000 U.S. consumer surveys and responded to statistics like: 73% of Americans actively try to include “locally grown foods” in their diets (Gallup, 2018), and 81% globally say, “I must be able to trust the brand to do what is right.” (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2019).