Garden Cut, a brand of Indianapolis Fruit Company, has launched a new branding and label design for its pre-cut and ready-to-use products in retail stores.  A new “To Go Snack” line of produce-based products has also been released during the launch. 

“We are responding to the growing business segment of fresh-cut, more convenient product,” says Indianapolis Fruit Company (IFC) owner, Mike Mascari.  “By updating our brand labeling and packaging, we have made Garden Cut product easier to locate in a store’s produce department and in more convenient portion sizes for consumer use.”  Mascari also noted that pre-cut product appeals to customers who want to incorporate produce into their cooking and diet without the preparation time.

A Garden Cut task force reviewed current market trends, the competition and many designs before settling on the new brand identification.  Product offerings were updated to streamline efficiencies in the packaging lines, yet still be able to respond quickly to on-demand customer orders.  “The new To Go Snack offering is especially popular in convenience stores,” says director of sales/marketing, John Cunningham.  “We are happy to offer a fresh and healthier alternative in these locations, from a brand that the consumer can recognize and trust.”

 Antonia Mascari, IFC marketing manager says, “brighter brand colors make the packaging more attractive while still showing the high quality of the produce product. We moved away from our previous green branding coloration because it could not be seen against green produce.  The new purple and yellow brand colors make it easier to identify Garden Cut at the store level.”