Turner Duckworth, the global design firm with offices in the U.S. and U.K., recently partnered with Newman’s Own, Inc., the food and beverage company that is radically good and gives away 100% of its profits, to refresh and create a new visual identity for the brand.

Founded in 1982 on Paul Newman’s love for delicious homemade salad dressings and the off chance that others may love them too, Newman made the selfless decision to give all profits away to help children and other good causes. Four decades later, Newman’s Own offers so much more than dressings. The brand now has a portfolio of products that also includes frozen pizza, pasta sauce, salsa, cookies, refrigerated drinks, and more. Newman’s Own has also donated $600 million dollars to help kids facing adversity and other good causes.

“After 40 years of ‘giving it all away,’ the good people at Newman’s Own approached us to help refocus the brand”, says David Thompson, Creative Director at Turner Duckworth. “Our goal was to leverage the refresh and new positioning to appeal to a younger audience, continuing the brand’s growth while introducing a new generation to Newman’s philanthropic endeavors through health and delicious foods.”

The agency redefined the brand’s packaging, bringing a new, optimistic design approach and allowing consumers to better connect with the radically good impact they have when purchasing Newman’s Own products.  

Secondly, Turner Duckworth created a more disruptive brand presence on overly saturated supermarket shelves. A true celebration of goodness using a vibrant and uplifting color palette underpinned by joyfully hand-painted food illustrations showcases the natural and authentic ingredients that go into making Newman’s Own food products.

Lastly, and with reverence to Paul Newman, the agency reemphasized the brand’s commitment and purpose. Using inviting and punchy stamp language, Turner Duckworth shared the brand’s business model and mission - ‘100% profits to help kids’ - in a way that grabbed consumer attention. 

"There’s simply no other food company in the world that’s ever committed to “give it all away” as Newman’s Own has done for the last 40 years,” says Nicole Malcolm-Manyara, Chief Marketing Office at Newman’s Own. “Our goal with this head-to-toe refresh, which includes a new logo and vibrantly illustrated packaging is to break through on shelves and connect consumers to the impact they are making when they purchase our products. We are excited to see the bright new packaging rolling out now.”