Hartwall’s Novelle has unveiled a 3D bottle design, identity and packaging graphics with design by BrandMe to strengthen the brand’s differentiation in the category. The brand wanted to focus on the beverage line's quality, freshness and purity, and position it as Finland’s most iconic and tastiest beverage.

BrandMe created a new bottle to modernize the brand, communicate the purity and Finnish provenance of the brand las well as its dynamic personality. The new shape works in synergy with a clear label, revised identity and range communication that increases shelf standout, clarifies the brand positioning and the usage benefits of each of the individual products. The label is positioned higher to increase brand visibility and create strong visual blocking on shelf, reasserting the brand’s leadership.

The water is filtered through ancient Finnish gravel ridges for a pure and natural drink from its own well.

At the same time, BrandMe worked on emphasizing the emotional and functional benefits of Novelle Plus, to make the range easier to shop and enhance flavor communication. The new graphic architecture is easy to adapt and stretch for future brand innovations.

The beverage bottles are easy to grasp and come in  three varieties: Novelle Plus b12 for memory with ananas and passion (pineapple and passion fruit); Novelle Plus c+e, to restore, with mustikka and granaattiomena (blueberry and pomegranate); and Novelle Plus magnesium +c for muscle, with vihreä omena (green apple).