"NOTES isn't just a beer. It's a beer that'll actually teach you how to play guitar," said Rich Buceta, founder of SingleCut. "I always say, beer is my passion, but music is my life - and NOTES is a culmination of just that. So not only are you going to be able to enjoy an amazing beer, but we also designed the can to be functional. Just scan the code on the can, and in between sips, our Notes AR filter will show you how to play some of the key chords in Rock music. It's bringing a whole new dimension to #DrinkLoud."

The uniquely designed can label is a "made to (junior) scale" fretboard of a guitar that enables practicing finger placement for chords right on the can itself. Collector's packages include custom canisters that fit all four 16-ounce cans ($18 MSRP) and include fully functional guitar picks.

NOTES IPA is available in select retailers throughout the New York and New Jersey region. The limited-edition special packaging canisters ($24) are exclusively available at SingleCut's taprooms in Astoria and Clifton Park, NY.