Tequila Cayéya has announced the expansion of its single-barrel tequila portfolio with the release of two limited-edition tequilas – “El Diablo’s Elixir” and “The Spirit of an Angel.” These tequilas are a part of the brand’s Devils vs. Angels themed release and come just in time for summer. With only 1,200 bottles of each expression available, they’re a must-have for tequila aficionados.

El Diablo’s Elixir is a single-barrel Añejo Cristalino packaged in a fiery red bottle with authentic suede accents, pewter label, glass topper, and a magnetic gift box featuring custom-themed devils artwork. It underwent an 18-month aging process, including 6 months in an American White Oak cask, 6 months in a French Oak cask and returned to American White Oak for 6 months. For the final step, it’s filtered through charcoal, removing its color from the barrel, making it crystal clear. The result is a rich flavor profile featuring agave, sweet caramel, and toasted oak, with a subtle, peppery finish. The name "El Diablo’s Elixir" is inspired by the unique 6-6-6 aging process.

The Spirit of an Angel is a single-barrel Añejo packaged in a navy-blue bottle with authentic suede accents, pewter label, glass topper, and a magnetic gift box featuring custom-themed angels artwork. It underwent a 27-month aging process, starting with 9 months in American White Oak, 9 months in French Oak, and returning to American White Oak for the final 9 months. This tequila boasts rich agave and oak flavors with prominent notes of coffee and toffee. The smooth taste profile offers caramelized agave and dark chocolate, with a long finish highlighted by espresso. The name "The Spirit of an Angel" is inspired by the unique 9-9-9 aging process. 

Both expressions of this limited-edition release are bottled at 40% ABV in 750 ML bottles, retailing for a suggested price of $150.00. These tequilas are crafted using single estate agave, deep well water, and traditional masonry brick ovens, ensuring an additive-free, small-batch production process. Each bottle is a testament to the skill and passion of Zandra Gomez, Tequila Cayéya’s esteemed female master distiller. She personally signs every label with a distinct barrel and batch number and her signature.

“This is the reason we began developing Cayéya nearly five years ago - to have fun and to bring unique single barrel offerings to the category,” said Sam Hirsch, founder of Tequila Cayéya and Piermont Brands. “Whether it’s through the liquid or the packaging, we will always strive to push the envelope with our master distiller Zandra and give fans of the brand something special." 

With only 1,200 bottles of each expression produced, the series will be available online and at select retailers. This dual release is an opportunity to experience the artistry and innovation that Tequila Cayéya brings to every bottle. While supplies last, the dual release is available for purchase in CT, CO, DC, MD, VA, GA, NJ, NY and MA and online at tequilacayeya.com