Has a new summer tradition for adults been found?

I go to Target just about every day. As a regular shopper, I notice any new merchandise. As someone in the industry, I make a note of the packaging. During a recent trip, I realized the spirits section has expanded. It is now three aisles (plus the reach-in cooler). Among the bottles of wine and cans of hard seltzers is something new — alcohol-infused ice pops.


Frozen drinks
Adult Otter Pop: Here Forever or Fad?
Image courtesy of Truly


I was scanning the bottles of wine and cans of hard seltzers when a brightly colored stand-up pouch full of single-serve frozen cocktails called Sun Pops caught my eye. On the endcap, I spotted Daily’s Poptails, alcohol-infused freezer pops. For research purposes, I bought both. That was three weeks ago. Now, they are everywhere.

Truly released Truly Lemonade Freeze Pops. Bud Light just launched a new line of pops as well, in new nostalgia-inducing Bud Light Retro Summer seltzer flavors. I saw a brand called Cutwater on Instagram, and Costco is selling frozen cocktails under its private label Kirkland Signature. At 12% ABV, Drake’s Organic Spiked Ice is for the demo who want their liquor to work quicker.

We’ll see if these adult Otter Pops become a summer tradition or end up a summer fad.


Kristin Joker