What began as a practical invention has now turned into a popular beer type and a must have for every proper brewery. The India Pale Ale was invented in Britain, where sailors, while sailing to India, loaded up barrels of beer with hops. The hops hung around in the beer for so long that they lost their natural fruity flavor and left a bitter-tasting beer.

Moving on to the 21st century. In recent years, IPA has become increasingly popular, and every brewery with self-respect has launched an IPA. Carlsberg, an internationally acclaimed brand with respected brewmasters, also produced a world-class IPA. Carlsberg’s ambition was to match the extraordinary refreshing beer with a design worthy of a legendary brewery. Enter Danish design agency EVERLAND.

“The new Brewmasters IPA design is a brew of the craft and charisma that originates from Carlsberg. It’s a refreshing design that honors the brewery’s heritage and modern appeal,” says Carl Johan Larsson, creative director and partner, EVERLAND.

The inspiration for this exotic beer design was found close to home. It was Carlsberg’s iconic entrance with the two famous Indian elephants that inspired the IPA design. Not the elephants themselves but the four flowers (hops) between them and the classic rounded gates in the background. EVERLAND and Carlsberg added these elements to the design as an homage to the original brewmasters.

There are many hidden gems in the design, but the overall idea is to give tribute to the place and the people who made it all possible. You might recognize the arching line in the letter A. It’s a direct reference to the line underscoring Carlsberg as an integrated part of the logo. Even the yellow color is from the original Carlsberg logo talking into the heritage of this grand old brewery.



Agency/Creative: EVERLAND

Senior Designer: Jin Fujiwara

Creative Director: Carl Johan Larsson

Project Type: Brand Design

Agency/Creative Country: Denmark

Agency/Creative City: Copenhagen

Market Region: Europe

Project Deliverables: Brand Redesign, Packaging Design

Format: Can

Substrate: Metal

Industry: Food and Beverage, Spirits

Printing Process: Digital Printing