Lipman Family Farms will showcase the expansion of their compostable packaging line at the upcoming Southern Innovations conference and the Organic Produce Summit, furthering the company’s dedication to providing innovative, sustainable practices from farm to shelf. Designed for organic grape tomatoes, mini cucumbers, green beans, and mini sweet peppers under Lipman’s Grown True organic line, the packaging meets the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and sourcing.

The compostable packaging is shelf-ready with a clamshell design that ensures ease in stacking and increased efficiencies in the retail space while offering consumers a fully at-home compostable solution. Each pack features a QR code that outlines the step-by-step process of how to compost, making it easier than ever for consumers to reduce their environmental footprint in their own backyards.

“As the demand for organic continues to rise, we’re committed to providing consumers with the freshest produce in nature through our Grown True label here at Lipman,” said Sarah Miller, general manager at Lipman Family Farms. “We’re excited to launch new compostable packaging for our organic line to provide consumers and retailers with a one hundred percent backyard compostable solution for a guilt-free purchasing experience.”

Grown and harvested without the use of synthetic fertilizers, the Grown True line is USDA certified and holds the highest standards of food safety.