Packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co has upgraded the bearing assembly on its Pharmafill BCV1 Bottomless Conveyor. Replacing oil bearings with greaseless ball bearings, the latest Bottomless Conveyor eliminates the need for bearing lubrication for reduced maintenance and line downtime while supporting a clean work environment. The new bearing assembly offers extended performance life even under heavy use in bottle filling and packaging lines operating with multiple shifts.

Ideal for contract packagers, and food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers, the upgraded hugger belt conveyor automatically accepts filled or empty bottles from a standard conveyor, grips them between dual hugger belts, and transfers the bottles without slowing, stopping, rotating, diverting or otherwise disrupting the bottle flow. Bottles may be transferred over a printer to automate lot traceability code printing or transferred from one point to another instead of using dead plates or other passive diverters, even around corners at angles up to 90 degrees.