Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing a diverse offering of responsible packaging solutions, announced two new applications for its innovative AmPrima recycle-ready solutions launching in Europe. The PE (polyethylene) recycle-ready portfolio is being expanded for coffee and dairy products, to offer brands a more sustainable packaging choice without compromising on performance.  

Today, brands are looking for more sustainable packaging thanks to increased media attention, corporate commitments, and consumers’ environmental concerns. Amcor AmPrima recycle-ready solutions provide options for brands who need packaging that still offers the barrier, material stiffness, seal strength, graphics performance and fast run speeds of traditional unrecyclable packaging. 

The new are AmPrima PE PLUS solutions targeting more demanding applications in terms of product protection, packaging convenience and runnability on packaging lines.

AmPrima PE PLUS for roast and ground coffee will launch first in Europe. Suited for all typical coffee pack formats and sizes, it is available with both lock/seal and peel options to protect freshness and aroma. The PE-based packaging is treated for thermal stability, allows easy transition on existing filling machines, and has an innovative barrier coating for product protection. AmPrima PE PLUS for coffee also offers unbeatable attractiveness, with brighter colors and various matte or tactile finishes for high shelf appeal. According to Amcor’s analysis, recycle-ready AmPrima PE PLUS has the potential to replace over 200 current non-recyclable coffee packaging specifications. 

Also, part of the April launch for demanding applications is AmPrima PE and PE PLUS solutions for cheese in Europe. It will be available in a variety of formats including flow wrap for hard cheeses, pouches for grated, and even flow-packs for leak-prone cheeses such as mozzarella. The complex requirements of dairy packaging meant that up until this point, mixed-material plastics have been the standard choice for preserving shelf life, avoiding leaks, and offering shoppers convenience. The launch of AmPrima for cheese will allow brands to choose a full PE solution with robust product protection, that fits the requirements of most European PE recycling streams. 

Noemi Bertolino, vice president of R&D for Amcor Flexibles EMEA said: “The AmPrima range has already been proven to work for our US customers, and we’re happy to now offer it in Europe. For the latest applications in coffee and cheese, Amcor has run over 50 trials, and we are delighted to bring our customers a simple switch to more sustainable packaging. Fitting a wide range of packaging needs, the versatility of AmPrima demonstrates our commitment to ongoing innovation and finding more sustainable solutions where they previously did not exist.”

In line with the upcoming EU directive, and Amcor’s 2025 pledge to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable as well as increase the use of recycled content, AmPrima is recycle-ready in most flexible PE packaging recycling streams. Additionally, it has a lower carbon footprint than many of the packaging structures it replaces, helping brands meet sustainability goals.

The AmPrima range is designed according to CEFLEX guidelines for circularity and certified by cyclos-HTP for recyclability in the real world. The full portfolio includes AmPrima PE to serve a wide range of products and AmPrima PE PLUS for products requiring a high barrier or more complex applications.