Rowan, the first clean beauty brand for dogs, today announced the launch of an innovative new collection of clean color products for dogs. The Rowan Color Kit includes three washable, non-staining color sticks and Rowan's luminous Coat Shimmer providing endless options for creative fun. Rowan co-founders Michelle Arnau and Sally Clarke worked with their in-house Clean Beauty Chemist and Veterinary Dermatologist to create dog-friendly color that pet parents wouldn't hesitate to use. Everything in the kit is made with non-toxic ingredients and formulated according to clean beauty standards using the Credo Clean Standard as their guide.

"At Rowan we think a lot about unique ways to add joy to the experience of having a dog," said Rowan co-founder Michelle Arnau. "With fun in mind we used our clean beauty chemistry expertise to create non-toxic, washable, chic color pops for pups and their parents. Our color sticks dry quickly after application, so they stay on your pup, not your rug. They also wash off easily with pet-friendly shampoo (we recommend The Hair Wash or The Fur Wash, of course). Best of all, the color sticks are non-staining, so they won't leave any hues behind when washed."

The brand has partnered with Jorge Bendersky, celebrity dog groomer and author of the best-selling book DIY Dog Grooming, to launch the collection. Bendersky says, "Rowan's new color for dogs allows your pooch to express their inner artistic selves, and get a little extra attention on the street, making heads turn, they love it. There is no excuse not to be glamorous."

Taking inspiration from the world of sweet treats, the Rowan Color Collection consists of three bright candy colors including Heavy Petting Pink, Tailwag Teal and Pawsitively Purple. These complementary hues were made to flatter every type of dog coat. And since everything's better with sparkles, the kit includes the brand's signature coat shimmer, a coat creme made with dog-friendly Mica. The Rowan Color Kit is available via its Direct-to-Dog website and Neighborhood Goods stores nationwide retailing at $50.

Rowan's care for pets and the planet doesn't stop with the ingredients inside. Rowan also believes deeply in the human/dog connection and the benefit pets have on one's mental and physical health. The brand's impact program supports organizations that work to keep people and their pets together.