Chobani has become Australia’s go-to yogurt brand, providing a variety of premium flavors and products since its launch in 2012. Chobani, as a market leader and pioneer in the yogurt industry, takes pleasure in doing things differently. They are continuously introducing new flavors to the market and now they have delighted customers with the launch of a dog-friendly yogurt.

The new range was inspired by the recent growth in popularity of gourmet, pet food options. Chobani saw an opportunity to capitalize on this trend and further develop the pet snack space with a yogurt alternative. Based on the insight that people increasingly consider their dogs to be part of the family (vs. mere pets), Chobani developed a yogurt for your furry friend and their sensitive bellies.

Chobani experienced one of their greatest levels of engagement on their social media last year when they featured Dr. Kate Adams from Bondi Vet promoting the serving of Chobani plain yogurt to dogs. Generating hundreds of comments, with fans posting photos of their pooches enjoying a yogurt snack.

Davidson was commissioned to create packaging artwork with a distinct branding look and feel for Chobani’s debut into the pet sector. The design needed to highlight the product offering and benefits, so it was important that the packaging communicates those elements in a clear and concise manner. The packaging for the newly formed range needed to build on the much loved Chobani master brand whilst adding a unique doggy touch.

Davidson developed a new brand identity for ‘Daily Dollop’ – a creamy, lactose-free dogyogurt specifically designed for dogs. The name ‘Daily Dollop’ was created to reinforce the recommended serving suggestions. A fun and cheeky illustration of a dog was developed to capture the essence of the brand and give the packaging personality. The cheeky personality was further portrayed through the dog-related puns used on the foil; “go mutts for dog yogurt”.

The fun line illustration of a dog with a tongue and a heart-shaped nose quickly became the key brand element for Daily Dollop. With the simple illustration being subtly carried throughout the entire pack. The decision to use illustration rather than photography was based on the desire to generalize the breed of dog and show love to all breeds, encouraging ALL dog owners to purchase the product. The packaging was finished with a blue and cream color palette that was inspired by the Cornish blue milk jug to allude to the dairy category.

The launch of Chobani’s first dog-friendly yogurt has generated excitement amongst the dog owner community, quickly becoming a social media sensation, with many excited followers commenting some great doggy puns; “It’s absolutely Paw-some” “Wonder-fur treat!” “The paw-feet dinner.”

Daily Dollop is now available exclusively in Australia at Woolworths stores and can be found in the chilled pet food section.