You’ve got their attention. Your package stood out from the rest in their eye. Now that you’ve got their attention, how do you engage them to pick up the product? Let’s take a look at what happens next in the sale process and how you can optimize your package to maximize the sale. This is the second in our series on creating packaging that increases sales. (See Part 1 here)

We touched on copy in the first part of this series, but here’s where that really comes into play. Now the consumer is interested in learning more and they may be thinking, “ I like the look of this product and I sense that it’s unique, but why should I buy it? Why is it better than the other choices here? What are the benefits? Is it worth the price? Does the quality meet my expectations?” These are all the questions that are flying around the consumer’s head in just a couple seconds, consciously or unconsciously, and they are looking to the package to provide the answers. The better job the package does of informing, the more likely the consumer is to buy.   

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