Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for a lot when it comes to presentation of a product. An item which catches the eye on a shelf or in a crowded market stall immediately has a strong chance of being purchased by consumers.

When it comes to packaging, it isn’t just appearance that matters, either. Modern consumers are placing increasing importance on the use of eco-friendly materials, so by choosing sustainable packaging over degradable alternatives, a brand is likely to increase their customer base.

Many items now include details on their packaging which testify to their eco-friendly nature. If an item’s packaging meets independently-awarded environmental standards, you will see this mentioned, as it has become a significant selling point for products.

For some industries, an environmentally friendly approach to product packaging and presentation is especially vital. A company which makes LED lightbulbs, for example, is likely to have a very eco-conscious customer base, so the use of sustainable packaging is strongly recommended.

The infographic (download below) from Bracken Foam Fabricators outlines the importance of packaging and presentation for a product. No matter how good the core product may be, it won’t reach its full sales potential unless it is brought to the market in a way that appeals to consumers.