Touchstone Pistachio Company, one of the largest Grower-Processors of California Pistachios in the industry, has recently undergone a brand redesign with the assistance of Little Big Brands, an independent, award-winning brand development and design agency.

Having long been a private label, Touchstone enlisted the help of Little Big Brands when they became their own brand, with the agency spearheading the research, naming, identity creation, and packaging for the company.

“We went through consumer evaluation, category audits & semiotics, stakeholder interviews, brand positioning, and naming to pave the way for an insightful creative exploratory,” said Richard Palmer, executive creative director at Little Big Brands.

Little Big Brands identified Touchstone’s “better for you, better for the world” pistachio experience as their differentiator, and with that in mind, the slogan “The People’s Pistachio,” was born. The packaging and branding reflect Touchstone’s optimism and care when it comes to their product, and showcases their culture of care.

“[Touchstone] cares deeply for all its employees and local communities, and is very socially minded,” continued Palmer. “It was important to communicate that in an engaging way. The brand needed to feel grounded and real, the opposite of big brands following trends. Touchstone will never have a Super Bowl ad; you won’t see them at award shows, and they don’t have influencers. They are pistachios with purpose.”

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