Avery Dennison Corporation (www.averydennison.com) announce the introduction of the Aqua Stick™ Portfolio featuring Z3338—an advanced emulsion adhesive that enables sparkling wine and champagne brand owners to effectively utilize pressure-sensitive labeling materials on surfaces with heavy condensation.

The Aqua Stick Portfolio features eight of Avery Dennison’s most popular wine facestocks, each paired with Z3338 Adhesive and a recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) liner.

Z3338 is the portfolio’s key differentiator. Compared to adhesives currently used today when labeling sparkling wine and champagne bottles, it provides in-line, wet-applied label positioning that improves operational efficiencies, including reduced line down-time and less product obsolescence.

“With Z3338, narrow-web converters can provide sparkling wine and champagne brand owners an adhesive that maintains packaging integrity throughout the value chain, even in the most difficult conditions,” says Yaron Zimmerman, product manager–specialty & application products, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “Moreover, pressure-sensitive labeling, enabled by Z3338, opens up a new palette of choices for distinctive label design—elements of shelf appeal that are critical for success in this dynamic segment.”

Sparkling wine and champagne bottles are typically labeled in uncontrolled temperature environments. When near freezing liquids (33-38° F) are poured into bottles, a heavy layer of condensation is produced. This condensation makes it difficult for labels to bond and impacts the label’s ability to adhere to the bottle.

Z3338 addresses the most common problems that brand owners encounter when using either glue applied or pressure-sensitive labels on surfaces with heavy condensation by providing adhesive effectiveness and consistent label positioning.

“The glue-applied process, commonly used today for champagne and sparkling wine label applications, limits the label shapes and printing techniques that can be used,” Zimmerman says. “Pressure-sensitive labels give brand owners the flexibility to utilize additional design elements that enhance the eye appeal of their products.”

Z3338 also helps prevent ice bucket and cold box labels from moving on the bottle. These features maintain packaging integrity throughout the value chain.

The Aqua Stick Portfolio featuring Z3338 features the following constructions: Fasson® 60# Uncoated Litho Wet-Strength WLD; Fasson MaxFlex™ Bright Silver; Fasson 70# Royal White Wet-Strength; Fasson Sparkling Asti Wet-Strength; Fasson 60# Cast Gloss; Fasson 60# Uncoated Litho Wet-Strength; Fasson 70# Bright White Felt Wet-Strength; Fasson Estate Label® No. 8 Wet-Strength