Serrano flavor Risi Chili ChipsClassic Foods is pushing flavor boundaries with its new line of Risi® Papas Caseras kettle-cooked potato chips seasoned with authentic Mexican chilies. The chips are packaged in bold colors to showcase their bold flavors.

Five times hotter than Jalapeno, one of the Papas Caseras selections is the Serrano. The Serrano chili is a thin green pepper that originated in the mountain regions of Puebla and Hidalgo and is harvested in the central Mexican valleys. Each chili is cultivated to impart its tangy flavor and fiery heat into every golden kettle chip. The Serrano has a fruity citrus undertone resulting in a extraordinarily new unique taste that packs a delayed, bold mouth-watering spice. There is nothing like this out there in the market.

Risi Papas Caseras is available both north and south of the border and includes three other distinctive flavors profiles that include combinations of sweet, tangy, zesty or fiery tastes:

Con Salsa - These lightly salted chips contain a packet of spicy and savory La Guacamaya® hot sauce giving you the option to spice things up with one of Mexico's tastiest sauce.

Habanero – The habanero is one of the hottest chili peppers one can find. True to their name, these chips offer a fiery and zesty flavor that is sure to test the taste buds of even the most seasoned lovers of spicy foods.

Adobadas – Adobadas chips are flavored with Mexico's famous red chili marinade. It satisfies the hunger cravings with its zesty and sweet taste.

The Risi Papas Caseras family of brands brings together the heartland of Mexico's cuisine using a variety of mouth-watering indigenous chilies from Mexico. Risi kettle chips translates to “Papas Caseras” home-made chips slow cooked for a satisfying crunch. It delivers bold and savory tastes in every bag.