Using its specialist Bebo Print pre-print technology, RPC Bebo Plastik ( has produced a unique lid design that creates a “homemade” look for a variety of products including salads and sauces.

The patented Bebo Wave Lid is designed to replicate the cloth or paper covering that would normally be tied around the neck of a jar or pot containing homemade produce. The lid sits within the rim of the tub and features a unique ruffled edge to create this effect.

By printing the sheet prior to thermoforming, Bebo Print enables the entire area of the lid to be covered to provide all-over high quality printing that helps to create a premium image and maximise on shelf appeal.

The first customer for this innovative technology is Homman Group for who RPC Bebo is producing a 115mm PET tub with PP Bebo Wave lid for a range of fresh salads.

  “Bebo Wave demonstrates our technical expertise in creating designs and print finishes that help brands create differentiation and project a quality image in competitive markets and on crowded retail shelves,” comments RPC Bebo sales manager Robert Steinmeijer.