Tequila CAZADORES®, 100% blue agave tequila, one of the most popular premium tequilas in Mexico and the United States, announces the launch of new packaging for its line of premium tequilas, coinciding with Mexico's Fiestas Patrias celebrating the country's independence from Spain in 1810. Created in 1922 by Don Jose Maria Banuelos in Arandas in the Los Altosregion of Jalisco state in Mexico, CAZADORES remains steeped in tradition, using the same recipe and process developed more than 90 years ago. The evolution of the packaging reflects the CAZADOREScommitment to its heritage and authenticity with a new premium design that takes the legendary brand into the future.

"Our new packaging is another momentous step in CAZADORES illustrious history that spans almost a century," said Rene Valdez, senior brand manager for Tequila CAZADORES. "The juxtaposition of CAZADORES perennial roots with an updated look and feel is sure to excite our existing consumers, as well as attract new ones."

The New Packaging
The most distinctive feature of Tequila CAZADORES new look is a redesigned bottle with a unique and stylish shape that showcases the spirit's premium essence. An embossed neck references 1922, reminding consumers of a long-standing heritage, rich tradition and time-tested recipe.   Embossed on the back of the new bottle are words proudly emphasizing the tequila's provenance from Los Altos de Jalisco and the 100% agave promise. A new cork closure adds a rustic yet premium appeal.

Carefully developed graphics communicate CAZADORES high quality and simplicity. The new label highlights the tequila's iconic stamp, the powerful and majestic stag Don Jose Maria admired from the window of his adobe farmhouse in Los Altos, superimposed above a new logotype debossed on thick, distressed paper.  Bold colors help consumers better differentiate the four expressions:  blanco, reposado, anejo and extra anejo.  Finally, Spanish language labeling celebrates the tequila's genuine Mexican origin.

A Precious Recipe

 CAZADORES will retain its most important asset: a long-standing recipe that has stood the test of time. For more than 90 years, CAZADORES has been produced in small batches by a Master Tequilero who oversees double fermentation, double distillation and careful maturation of its Highland Tequila, made of 100 percent blue agave and aged in virgin oak barrels. The same recipe created by Don Jose Maria so many years ago lives in each new bottle of Tequila CAZADORES.