After eight years of producing wines under different labels, Oregon-based winery, Union Wine Company, unveiled a more unified branding that represents their mission: to make quality everyday wine with Oregon character, and the least amount of pomp and fuss.

“The new look reflects a move to appeal to a younger audience that is as concerned with how a brand represents them (as it was to their predecessors) but in a more casual yet design-sophisticated way,” says Michael Etter, who leads Union Wine Co.’s brand development and creative direction.

“The new packaging represents a timeless modern design aesthetic mixed with elements of traditional craft culture without slipping into the overtly cliché of either form. The brand balances simplicity and design without trying too hard to be cool,” Etter adds. “Playing with pop-culture, the adoption of the Oregon heart icon with a wine bottle is a way to connect the concept to a joyful sense of place and community.”

Union Wine Company is releasing the last series of their newly rebranded portfolio this month. This last series includes the 2012 Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris and reveals the company’s new packaging targeted Millennials.