City of London Gin Distillery’s (COLD) newest product, Square Mile debuts with brand design from bluemarlin ( The super premium one-shot 70CL gin launches today in England’s capital.

COLD opened in 2012 marking the return of gin distilling to the City of London after an absence of nearly two hundred years. The recent resurgence of gin coupled with the spirit’s strong British heritage inspired entrepreneur Jonathan Clark’s purchase of two large copper stills for his cocktail bar in the heart of the London’s financial district. Having received such positive reaction to his first product ‘City of London Dry Gin’, the master distiller saw an opportunity to add a new, super premium gin to his portfolio.

The design capitalizes on the distillery’s location within the city known as the Square Mile. London’s sprawling streets are screen printed directly on the round bottle reflecting both the premium and historic aspects of brand’s personality. The transparent silhouette of the Square Mile area is the focal point of the design and works as a holding shape for the word mark. To convey the craftsmanship of the gin, a minimalistic interpretation of a still is hidden within the brand’s double entendre strapline, ‘Serve COLD’. The design is then finished with hints of red from the City of London crest and the distiller’s signature that break up the monochrome palette while further communicating the superior quality of this distinctly London gin.

“Bluemarlin are miracle workers. I took my idea to them only a few weeks ago and they have worked tirelessly to produce what I believe to be a world-class design. The bottle has massive impact at shelf, it sits perfectly at the premium summit of the gin category,” says the brand’s owner Jonathan Clark.