MJS Packaging certainly knows what it’s like to be a start-up in Metro Detroit, with humble beginnings as a one-man bottle business back in 1885. The company’s roots in glass bottles came into play when partnering with a new customer, Motor City Gas, a new micro distillery in Royal Oak, MI. Rich Lockwood, owner of Motor City Gas, turned to MJS Packaging for their expertise when searching for the perfect whiskey bottle.

“MJS Packaging was really a key partner in our Marketing efforts,” says Rich Lockwood, owner of Motor City Gas. “In our business, it's extremely important to make a powerful impression at the moment right before customers try the product for the first time. That impression needs to be strong and needs to tie back to the essence of the brand. I think we nailed it with our bottles. The first thing our customers talk about after the product itself are the bottles. MJS Packaging was not only willing to take the risk of working with a small family-owned business like ours, but they stuck with us through an exhaustive search to find the perfect bottles that met our needs. We owe a lot of our success to the packaging of this product, and I look forward to working with MJS Packaging on future product releases.”

“At MJS Packaging, we’re committed to providing a superior customer experience,” says David Lubin, President of MJS Packaging. “We’re very pleased to be in it from the beginning with Motor City Gas, and look forward to contributing to their future success.”