In the past four years, PakTech ( has become the can carrier and automated application supplier to over 500 US breweries and cider makers. With the canned beverage market expanding in Europe, PakTech is now bringing rapid order fulfillment of 6Pak and QuadPak can carriers to the UK. Containers of product will arrive in Ashford, Middlesex, available for immediate distribution. By shipping in multi–container quantities, PakTech offers their sustainable, consumer-preferred, high-end packaging to the UK in a more cost-effective and expedited manner.

In addition to their proprietary, injection molded, recycled HPDE can handles, PakTech provides automated Application equipment. Over one hundred CCA120 machines (up to 120 cans per minute) are in place at breweries in the US, as well as multiple CCA600 (600 can/minute), and the new CCA280 (280 cans/minute) applicators. All PakTech applicators are built and shipped to order from the PakTech factory.

PakTech provided 180 million can carrier handles to the craft brew market in 2014. With increased exposure, European craft brewers and cider makers began calling on PakTech. Having the capacity to increase production at their Eugene, OR manufacturing facility, PakTech established a distribution channel in the UK. “European prospects can call or contact us directly. We will use our established sales and service practices along with local distribution to serve the European market in a responsive and customer-focused manner.” says Amie Thomas, VP of Sales and Marketing.