Teledyne TapTone (, a market leading provider of inspection equipment for the food and beverage industry for over 45 years, announced today that its T550 touchscreen user interface has had amazing success in the marketplace with nearly 200 units sold since its introduction in mid-2014.

Designed as a replacement for the company’s T500 interface that was introduced in 1999, the T550 is the next generation platform for mid-range inspection requirements. The TapTone T550 user interface provides complete inspection control for a variety of compatible sensors including: leak inspection, fill level, pressure and vacuum. Utilizing a user friendly icon driven menu, the T550 offers a value-packed combination of features for fast product setup, changeovers, and reject tracking. The TapTone T550 is a cost effective and scalable solution for inspection of plastic, metal and glass containers and is uniquely positioned for the inspection requirements of a broad range of customers.

“The creation of a new user interface to replace the T500 was based on changing customer requirements including a demand for an intuitive icon based touch screen controller” says TapTone engineering manager Robert Chevalier. “We took the best features from the T500 and added more features and tools that could support a new and expanded inspection architecture not previously supported on the T500, making the new T550 product line a value leader in its class for proximity, acoustic, X-Ray, leak and pressure inspection. We are exceptionally proud of its success in the marketplace, which confirms our belief that this was the right direction for our inspection control platform.”

Teledyne TapTone manufactures two primary user interfaces and more than a dozen sensors and rejector options. Each user interface can monitor multiple sensors and rejectors simultaneously. TapTone’s signature cantilevered sensor design requires minimal floor space and virtually no line alterations, making TapTone’s systems ideal for both new and existing production lines.