Snacking is no longer limited to a midday activity. A recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Mini Babybel® cheese, confirms that any time of day is a good time for a snack. Among the 1,006 parents of a child under age 18, 35 percent of parents snack mid-day, 27% snack in the evening, and another 30% snack late at night.

When asked about their most important role when choosing a snack for their child, both moms and dads surveyed say their most important role is "to teach them how to eat healthy" (60%). The second highest response from parents, at 17%, is "supplementing them with added nutrients between meals." The remaining responses of "introducing them to new foods" and "showing their child(ren) they care by picking what they like" come in at 12% and 11% respectively.

"Since snacking has become an integral part of the diet, it's clearly more important than ever that snack choices offer great taste and valuable nutrition, both for kids and adults. It's no surprise parents are using snack time as a teachable moment," says Dan Waters, chief marketing officer for Bel Brands USA. "This survey confirmed that Mini Babybel cheese delivers the qualities parents are looking for in snacks for themselves and their children – great taste, nutrition, convenience, and for kids, fun. These results confirm our consumers' demand for us to continue supplying a one-of-a-kind snack experience for the whole family."

When it comes to the big snack decision for their children, the survey revealed that parents believe their children want a snack that is tasty (86%), fun (51%), easy to consume (36%), while they are seeking snacks that are tasty (72%), nutritious (66%), and easy to consume (50%). These factors, among others, play an important role in the snacking choices parents are making for their children. 

Many obstacles arise when eating outside of the home, such as lack of time and nutritious choices. Consequently, the vast majority of parents (79%) say the statement 'I prefer snacks for my child/children that are easy to pack or prepare' applies to them a great deal or fair amount.  And a full 97% say that the above statement applies at all.