A new brand identity and packaging for SoHo Global Health’s Fitkom Vitamin Gummy brand in Indonesia was created by Anthem (anthemww.com), a global creative agency that actively connects brands with consumers by amplifying desirability from package design to brand campaign to drive brand performance.

Soho Global Health sought to develop a new and ownable set of mascots for its Fitkom Vitamin Gummy brand that would appeal to both children and parents. The new Fitkom Gummy brand has been brought to life beyond packaging, depicting a group of mixed-gender heroic rangers whose story-based mission is to help those in need. 

Anthem led the creative conceptualisation process for the development of the mascots, conducting character and product development workshops, introducing suitable storylines and cheerful design elements to highlight the appeal of the brand. This included the design of visual anchors that serve to emphasize the product’s nutritional value and benefits. Anthem also led the structural packaging design and overall graphic design.

“We are really proud of how far we’ve come with Fitkom Gummy. With a single goal in mind, we developed a new set of successful, sustainable mascot characters and a powerful story that can appeal to kids while reassuring moms,” says Kiki Sembiring, vice president of sales and marketing, SoHo Global Health. 

“As a team, we wanted to avoid the common misconception of thinking that we as adults, understand what motivates kids! So we spent a lot of time drawing pictures and interacting with kids, ultimately co-creating these characters as part of an integrated brand strategy on- and off- pack. We’re over the moon with the rangers and the pack designs,” adds Spencer Ball, creative director at Anthem in Singapore.

Fitkom Gummy is now available in stores and online within Indonesia.