Under the motto “Apple taste as it used to be,” the premium brand of fruit and vegetables SanLucar presents its Opal® apple in an attractive and new retro packaging.

The new packaging with six Opal apples is available in a limited edition. This variety is a natural crossing of Golden Delicious and Topaz. Aromatic, extra crunchy and harvested at the perfect point of ripeness – these are only a few properties that distinguish the apple. Moreover, the sweet taste of the Opal becomes even more intense after the harvest. 

An apple variety ideal for cooking or backing and due to its extra sweet flavor it is also perfect for the littlest ones in the house.

“Whoever tries this apple, does not want to try any other”, affirms Markus Bentele, apple grower of SanLucar. Together with the master growers, SanLucar cultivates its apples only in the regions that offer the best conditions for the growth of each variety.

Opal apples come from regions around Lake Constance and the Austrian area of Styria, where they thrive best in hillside locations. By optimal conditions and its special growing region, the Opal apple receives its premium quality.

The new packaging is available in Germany and Austria.