The convenience trend is driving the consumer packaged goods sector across the globe. Busy urban dwellers are increasingly looking for products in packages that suit their time-poor lifestyles. To cater to this set of consumers, Yujiahui Co. Ltd. created Unifon Kiss U CC lipstick with a new disc-shaped packaging design in China.

Unlike conventional tube-shape lipsticks, Unifon Kiss U CC lipstick comes in a disc-shaped plastic applicator. Lipstick is contained on both the top and bottom of the applicator, contoured to match the curvature of the lips so that it imparts a "kiss-like feel" when applied by "kissing" the applicator.

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director at data and analytics firm GlobalData (, said: "Not everyone loves the venerable lipstick tube, which (among other issues) requires some dexterity to use. Successful application also necessitates a mirror to double-check if lipstick has been applied properly.

“Unifon Kiss U CC lipstick avoids some of these issues while being faster and easier to apply than lipstick from a tube.”

The lipstick comes in a 6.5g paperboard box and is available in three shades—Sunset Orange, Sweet Peach and Vigour.