PAC Worldwide’s new packaging for LiveGlam’s “Kiss Me” collection of lippies. Each lipstick arrives in a sleek poly bubble mailer featuring a luscious pair of red lips whose seductive shine leaps off the brand’s signature all-black matte background. The end result is a package that’s as sexy as it is recyclable - 100%.

In bringing the brand’s long-lasting, super high-gloss feature of the product all the way through to the packaging itself, PAC focused on LiveGlam’s most distinctive selling feature and created a customer experience that begins the moment one lays eyes on the mailer. It’s love at first sight. 

The central design element hints at vintage Rolling Stones album art, but with an aesthetic made for today’s Instagram generation. What else would you expect from LiveGlam, an e-Commerce powerhouse that’s become a darling of the social media set?  And with the ability to recycle the packaging at more than 34,000 locations nationwide, it’s a win-win.